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Eco-Friendly Playstructures

In Blog, New Products by Louise van Niekerk

Since the 19th century, climbing frames, playstructures and apparatus were built to improve both the physical and moral development of children. Whilst sending your kids off to the park to enjoy these wonderful structures may seem like a logical solution, however many of today’s parents just don’t feel comfortable in doing so anymore.   The alternative is to build such …

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Fun and Colourful Outdoor Kid’s Play-Area at Kids Spot Nursery

In Blog, Commercial by Louise van Niekerk

Most of us remember playing outside as a child. Playing freely in a world of our own, we climbed, ran, swung and built, making memories we still fondly reminisce about. We can all agree that today’s kids don’t get to spend as much time outside as we once did and there are many factors contributing to this. From busy lifestyles …

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XPark Jr, Kite Beach, Dubai

In Commercial, Projects by Karlin van der Vyver

Welcome to XPark Jr, a natural forest-style playscape just off Kite Beach created to bring kids closer to Mother Nature. Amidst the hustle and bustle, busy schedules and man-made marvels of what is commonly known as Dubai, one man had a dream to create a natural world of fantasy second to none. This would be a place where children of …