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Cape Reed Tribute Project

In Cape Reed Tribute by Karlin van der Vyver

It has been six months since we started our very special tribute project in honour of our late founder, Louis vd Vyver. Progress has been steady, and it is quite exciting to see Louis’ dream and vision of this property realized, bit by bit. To kick off the project, we first had to clear the building of all existing interior …

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A Tribute To Founding Member, Louis Van Der Vyver

In Cape Reed Tribute, Projects by Karlin van der Vyver

Cape Reed international is embarking on a very special, year-long project in tribute to our (late) founding father, Louis van der Vyver. #CapeReedTritube During the following year, we will completely renovate and remodel his private residence in Cape Town, South Africa which will also include an office block that will become the new home of the local Cape Reed office. …