Elevated thatched gazebo with timber decking and balustrades

Los Monteros – Marbella

In Projects, Residential by Karlin van der Vyver

Cape Reed completed this project with 5 members in 23 days in Urbanization – Los Monteros, Marbella, Spain.

It took more than 1000 nuts and bolts to form the structure with 200 specially selected and pressure treated poles.

During the thatching process 5000 bundles of thatch together with 682 meters of Twine and 120m² of our special fire retardant Fireshield was used to accomplish perfection.

One of the pre-requisites of the site was that no vegetation was to be destroyed or harmed in the process of construction.

The goal was that the end product ensures the garden retains its natural tropical look slotting in the natural Cape Reed structure as if it was there all along.