Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is Open!

In Completed Projects by Karlin van der Vyver

After months (that turned into years!) of planning, design and construction we can finally present to you the magnificent Dubai Safari Park!

Having had a pretty good idea of what to expect form Dubai Safari Park, nothing could really prepare us for the final product that awaited.

Once inside the park, it is hard to miss our handiwork, with beautiful thatched roofs as far as the eye can see. It is simply an indescribable feeling seeing the glorious beasts of the animal kingdom lazing the day away in shade provided by our structures.

Hippos, crocodiles, apes and hyenas are just a handful of the animals that have already made the park their new home. Apart from these, Dubai Safari Park also boasts with several endangered animal species, including the white rhinoceros, white lions and Siberian tigers. Furthermore, one can expect to encounter giraffe, buffalo, ostriches and gorillas to name but a few. The aviary is also a must see with a wide variety of birds swooshing past and chirping away!

Be prepared to feast your eyes, have your mouth fall open at least a dozen times and enjoy plenty of moments bursting with excitement!

We are beyond proud to be associated with a project of such big proportions.

Dubai Safari is open daily from 9am to 5pm, including all public holidays, and is located in Al Warqaa 5 district across Dubai’s Dragon Mart off the Dubai-Hatta Highway.

There are different tickets available to the public at Dubai Safari, one of which is the Safari Park ticket, where visitors get access to Dubai safari Park including the Arabian village, African village, Asian village, and Alwadi except the Safari Village, and costs Dh20 for children and Dh50 for adults. The ticket, the Combo Ticket, gives visitors access to Dubai safari Park, Arabian Village, African Village, Asian Village, Alwadi and Safari Village, and costs Dh30 for children and Dh85 for Adults. Furthermore, senior citizens and children under the age of three will enter Dubai Safari for free, while people of determination will also get free admission as well as have their own gate with wheelchairs available if needed.