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Cape Reed Exclusive Constructions Inspired By Nature

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The Cape Reed group of companies was set up in South Africa in 1992, and is now well established in Spain. Tell us about some of your most recent work here, for example, on the commercial front…

We completed a new beachfront restaurant for the luxurious El Oceano Beach Hotel, which is now one of the summer’s hottest venues. The Cape Reed design team drew its inspiration from the character and history of the ancient Phoenicians – a nation that traversed the Mediterranean many centuries ago with timber and other products. The inspiration and enjoyment we have for our work is all about creating a lifestyle for people who are looking for an environment which will bring them back to nature. We are heavily involved in the global green movement, working with sustainable materials from sustainable resources. All our constructions are ecologically friendly – it is bringing nature back to man and this is our inspiration. We have a very close relationship with nature. We work with sustainable materials and wherever we build we value nature to such a level that our designs incorporate the natural environment. For example, if you have a tree in your garden which is an inherent part of the property, we have the skills and ability to incorporate the tree into the construction. We work with nature, not against it. We respect nature.

El Oceano Beach Hotel & Spa Cape Reed

What other key principles influence Cape Reed’s work ethic?
Our basic principles are to construct eco-friendly custom-made constructions of the highest quality for the residential and commercial markets. We always act honestly and in line with our beliefs, policies and values while recognising, encouraging and rewarding a culture where each member of the team works towards a common goal. We also offer a 15-year international guarantee. This has been made possible not only because we have carefully studied the climate and have perfected the construction technique, but also because we have been doing this for a much longer period and, from our experience and living proof, we know we can stand by our word.

What is your current place in the market?
We are the world leaders in our industry. First and foremost we are represented in all of the leading economies. We have offices in many countries across the globe. In Cape Town we set up our first office, which is where the expertise, materials and craftsmanship are based, making it our logistical office. We have a regional office in Dubai for the Middle East, and in Europe our regional office is in Spain with satellite offices in Provence (France) and the Algarve (Portugal). The most recent addition to the list was a regional office in Miami for the Americas.

Thatched poolside seating area on concrete columns

Thatched poolside seating area on concrete columns

What is your vision for the company?
We are committed to be the world’s best in our industry. We want to create a unique lifestyle for people who are committed to exclusive living in a natural way, using safari or island-style structures made from sustainable materials. We want to keep pursuing ecologically friendly ways to create beautiful structures that will last for many years to come. as well as to continue to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations through our professionalism and skills.

Obviously, a major part of that in Marbella is modern architecture…
We want to show people that our products are just as applicable in a modern hi-tech environment as they are in a traditional environment because our products, as well as our construction techniques, are keeping up with modern technology. We are providing clients with the choice to have the timber of their constructions colour-washed – many chiringuitos (beach restaurants) along the Costa have a classic dark brown look but our timbers can now be colourcoded, giving them a fresh and modern appearance.

El Oceano Beach Hotel & Spa Cape Reed

So how do you see the future of modern architecture?
Marbella is a trend-setting area for modern architecture for the whole of Spain and even Europe. Marbella is one of the so called sought-after addresses for second-home buyers, as Marbella creates a lifestyle that home buyers have always dreamed about, particularly coming from central or northern Europe. With the incredible climate we have in Marbella, outdoor living is becoming more of an area that must be enjoyed and should complement not only your home but also your aspired lifestyle. Marbella can certainly make your dreams come true and can make you feel who you really are.

What does the home represent to you?
The home represents to me a place where I can be who I really am.

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