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Tips To Construct A Functional Wooden Pergola

Pergolas are a popular outdoor accessory that is used to extend indoor living space. A pergola has plenty of benefits, and you can optimize them as per your requirements. Here are a few suggestions to help you construct an impressive pergola.

Trending wooden staircase ideas

Trending Wooden Staircase Ideas

Are you looking at optimizing the space in your home? We have some unique staircase suggestions that will help you give your living space a fun and exciting outlook. These are some of the most popularly used staircases across the UAE.

Advantages Of Using a Wood Ceiling for Your Project

Advantages Of Using a Wood Ceiling for Your Project

Timber ceilings look fantastic and enhance the look and feel of a room. In addition to this, these ceilings offer an array of benefits, making them extremely popular. Read about its numerous benefits and decide if you need to install timber ceilings.

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Top Pool Cabana Ideas To Revamp Your Backyard

Pool cabanas are excellent pool accessories that are functional and convenient. If you are planning to build your very own backyard pool cabana, there are a couple of things that you should know before you begin your project. Read all about it.

Tips to Maintain a Pergola

Tips to Maintain a Pergola

Your pergola(s) could be made of any material; proper maintenance is the key to make it durable. While general cleaning can retain its initial shine, some advanced measures will help protect it from adverse weather. Learn all about it in our guide.