Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park, the long-awaited zoo-park that will replace the old Dubai Zoo!

Taking form on a disused landfill, the park’s main aim is to be green and environmentally sustainable. And that is exactly what is being achieved with solar panels and water recycling facilities on site, to be utilized in the general operations of the zoo. But that’s not where it ends…

The 120ha of land will host a plethora of animal shelters, loading docks and recreational facilities (naming but a few) and all of it will be as green as possible.

The local Cape Reed Team is hard at work constructing and completing these eco-friendly and sustainable structures, breaking records as they go along.

Dubai Safari Park is their largest commercial project up to date, and this site is not only host to the largest roof area they have ever created, it is also home to the roof that required the most bundles of thatch in their history – a staggering seven 40 x foot containers of cape thatching reed!

Take a closer look with us inside Dubai Safari Park here!