XPark Jr, Kite Beach, Dubai

Amidst the hustle and bustle, busy schedules and man-made marvels of what is commonly known as Dubai, one man had a dream to create a natural world of fantasy second to none.

This would be a place where children of all ages could explore, learn and most importantly, play in a natural environment, enabling them to connect with nature, whilst at the same time getting some exercise and stimulation, in ways other than electronically.

And so XPark Jr begins…

This vision of paradise had to include key attractions such as a variety of play-structures (themed and as natural as possible), landscaping (to closely resemble a jungle), a coffee shop for parents/guardians as well as a farmer’s market where kids can sell their home-/handmade produce and products.

These Cape Reed structures are constructed from only the best, responsibly sourced, sustainable natural materials, resulting in non-toxic, environmentally friendly play structures for your children’s enjoyment and development.

Large double doors and an elevated arch forms the entrance to this treasure, almost reminding one of the entrance to a king’s castle. Upon entering the park, one is immediately met by welcome shade and an intense atmosphere of adventure, fun and lots of excitement.

A full service café serving healthy snacks and drinks, caters not only for the ravaged adventurers, but also forms a welcome place to relax for parents and guardians.

The Journey – where imaginations soar and adventures mount with each and every second passed!

For more information: http://www.xparkjr.com/

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