Residential Developments


With an authentic Cape Reed structure, staying and entertaining at home becomes a viable and quite attractive option. By allowing our dedicated team to create that personal outdoor living space you have always dreamed of, perfectly suited to your unique taste and style, you will soon be reluctant to leave the comfort and familiarity of your home. From the Mediterranean to the Middle East, these customized living spaces are the ultimate must-have for your villa!

Commercial Developments


Whether your establishment is a 5-star hotel and resort, adventurous theme park or restaurant, Cape Reed will absolutely add value and a distinctive atmosphere/ambiance to it. Big names such as Sofitel, Anantara and Atlantis (located in the Middle East) and high-end restaurants and resorts such as El Oceano Beach Hotel, Hotel Puente Romano and the Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat (located in Spain) all have one thing in common…spoiling their guests with genuine Cape Reed structures

Current Projects


Stay up to date with the latest Cape Reed activities across the globe. Experience the construction process first-hand – see how we transform a mundane construction site into an award winning establishment (commercial) or prized personal living space (residential). Follow the process from delivery of material to site, right through the construction phase(s), all the way to the final handover and see how our projects unfold and develop to become world class structures.

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