Thatched Villas & Cottages

When dreaming about private getaways or maybe your dream house, keep in mind that thatched villas and cottages are excellent ways to create homes in an elegant and ambient, yet sustainable and eco-friendly manner. By incorporating rustic timber structures with genuine Cape Reed thatched roofs to your master plan you can do your part in looking after the environment and contribute to the conservation of mother earth.

The environmental benefits of wood as a building material apply also to thatched roofs, an increasingly common site throughout the region in beach clubs, outdoor areas and private gardens. In fact research conducted in Scotland and South Africa has proven that thatched roofs and timber pergolas are the most sensible and environmentally friendly roofing and shading structures available today. Perhaps most importantly, the thatching we use is a great insulator, reducing temperatures by as much as 10c.

With Cape Reed’s team of expert designers, artisans and years of experience gathered all around the world, it could be even easier than you think. Allow our creative team to develop an organic flowing living space of peace and tranquility. After all, nothing can beat that satisfying feeling of exclusive living. Naturally.

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