Customized Living Spaces

When it comes to one’s private living space, personal taste, style and suitable décor plays a major role in creating an area that is optimally customized to those that will make use of it. Having a specific picture in mind, the challenge lies in giving substance to the dream/vision and bringing those to life. Let the Cape Reed team help you produce a sustainable and eco-friendly customized living space within the boundaries of your own home.

Whether it is a thatched gazebo, al fresco kitchen or a swim-up poolbar, creating a space to escape to, away from the claustrophobic confines of the indoors, yet as close to home as can be, can be a reality. Allow our team of designers and craftsmen to transfer your natural surroundings into a stylishly serene outdoor area, perfectly suited to the preferred taste and style of the inhabitants.

Inspired by you, realised by Cape Reed.

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