Customized Living Spaces


When it comes to one’s private living space, personal taste, style and suitable décor plays a major role in creating an area that is optimally customized to those that will make use of it. Having a specific picture in mind, the challenge lies in giving substance to the dream/vision and bringing those to life. Let the Cape Reed team help you produce a sustainable and eco-friendly customized thatched living space within the boundaries of your own home.

Commercial Development


If the focus of your commercial development needs to be customer relaxation and enjoyment in a tranquil atmosphere, look no further. With projects at major establishments such as Sofitel, Anantara and Atlantis, located in the Middle East and El Oceano, Puente Romano and Shanti-Som, located in the Mediterranean, there is no better way to add value and a luxurious ambiance to a commercial development than creating natural, sustainable structures in which you can spoil your guests.

Thatched Villas & Cottages


If you are dreaming about your private getaway or maybe your dream home, keep in mind that nowadays the sky is indeed the limit. Why not take it a step further by building a natural, sustainable and eco-friendly villa or cottage? By incorporating rustic timber structures with simple, yet elegant thatched roofs to your master plan, you can do your part in looking after the environment and contribute to the conservation of mother earth.

Specialized Construction


Whether it is a private or commercial area that you want to touch-up or transform, adding a touch of sustainable flair could be the difference between it being just OK or it being simply WOW. Our services include specially designed walkways, wooden pergolas, bridges, balustrades, screens and fencing, watchtowers, enclosures, timber flooring or any other unique construction made from natural resources, Cape Reed will be able to assist.

Safari & Theme Parks


Incorporate the true rustic and robust African flavour to your safari or themed park. Depending on your requirements, create various structures from animal enclosures and look-out points to walk-ways, kiosks and shading out of sustainable resourced timber and thatch. Large projects such as the nearly completed Dubai Safari Park, Sir Bani Yas Anantara Resort and The Journey Themed Playpark all offer guests an authentic experience with strong African influences.

Decorative Items

Products & Services

What better way to add to the flavour of the rustic, tranquil ambiance you’ve created by investing in some of our specially designed, custom made items. Whether it is a lamp fitting, door handle or purely a decorative piece you are seeking, allow rustic tones and materials to set the scene and produce a sense of balance and harmony that calms the soul. Decorating your life with flair has never been this easy.

Company profile & technical specifications


Getting to know the Cape Reed group of companies. Learn more about what we offer and view the technical specifications with regards to our products and services.

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