From Pool To Outdoor Paradise

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One would think in order to escape the ever present Middle Eastern heat and humidity a swimming pool would be an absolute necessity. However, we recently had a very different request from one of our VIP clients in Jumeira Islands, Dubai. From pool to outdoor paradise.

Cape Reed Residential Thatch

In this instance our client approached us with a very specific request to investigate ways in which to transform their swimming pool. Due to its limited size, it had not been utilized to its fullest capacity.

Cape Reed Residential Thatch

This was the ideal cue for our team of specialist designers and artisans to get their creative juices flowing. After a brainstorming session, they proposed (and ultimately implemented) the following plan of action:

Drain the swimming pool and remove any pool related equipment.

Alter the current levels within the pool to create a comfortable sunken seating area.

Cover the area with an original, custom made Cape Reed thatched roof that will blend in with the natural vegetation and   compliment the immediate landscaping environment.

This will not only provide the necessary protection from the natural elements but will also create a stunning ambiance and atmosphere of tranquility – especially during the night time when one would like to socialize as a family or entertain friends and acquaintances.

Cape Reed Residential Thatch

We embarked on this project with much enthusiasm and completed it with no time wasted. In the process we managed to totally overwhelm our client, who is said to enjoy the remarkable transformation virtually on a daily basis.

The images below shows clear proof that no matter the challenge or request, we are more than capable of transforming just about any space into a beautiful and stylish living area, tailor-made to your requirements. From a ordinary pool to outdoor paradise.

Cape Reed Residential Thatch

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