Enclose your private living space with our new tranquil lath screens and fencing

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Exciting New Lath Application

Ever found yourself in the situation where you would like to enclose your private living space, but just can’t seem to find something that’s aesthetically pleasing, yet at the same time purposeful..?

The options that are available today, pretty much limits you to high and bulky brick and concrete walls, and/or iron and steel bars and these often leave the impression of an enclosed prison instead of a private living area.

cape reed woven saligna lath fence

It is in exactly this that one comes to face a conundrum:

How to create a product that will not only successfully enclose your property, but will also enhance it, blending in with the natural garden landscape and surrounding vegetation.

The Cape Reed team picked up on this and came up with a beautiful solution for this dilemma.

The latest addition to the list of Cape Reed applications comes in the form of lath screens and fencing. These saligna laths have been pre-selected and pressure treated prior to installation.

The treated laths are woven in between a wooden frame structure which, when completed, creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere that blends in perfectly with the enclosed garden landscape.

Not only is this a natural, sustainable product, it is also extremely durable – so much so that we are confident to guarantee a minimum life expectancy of 15 years +!

Furthermore, this product is suitable to use in almost any set-up, taking in to account that the height and length of the screen/fence can vary, depending on the client’s requirements and the limitations set by the actual area.


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