El Oceano Beach Hotel and Restaurant

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El Oceano Beach Hotel and Restaurant, where the views will take your breath away and a meal can last forever!

El Oceano Beach Hotel & Spa Cape Reed

The luxurious Mijas Costa establishment, El Oceano Beach Hotel & Restaurant, underwent major renovations during the past winter and is undoubtedly set to be one of this summer’s hotspots.

Cape Reed were proud participants in the makeover by designing and building the revamped restaurant terrace to help create a truly unique dining experience.

El Oceano Beach Hotel & Spa Cape Reed

Famed for its waterfront views, El Oceano’s restaurant terrace features a natural timber structure made of specially selected eucalyptus poles and saligna laths imported from South Africa. White wash color treatment, glass enclosure and stone finishing help create a spacious and contemporary setting while preserving an atmosphere of seaside luxury.

El Oceano Beach Hotel & Spa Cape Reed

This project used 28.6 metric tons of timber and 12.6 kilometers of saligna laths.

Cape Reed’s design and engineer department began work on the concept in the spring of 2015, drawing inspiration from the character and history of the ancient Phoenicians – a nation that traded the Mediterranean many centuries ago with timber and other products.

El Oceano Beach Hotel & Spa Cape Reed

Demolition of the pre-existing structure and ground preparation began shortly after New Year’s, and the structures were fully completed in time for the hotel’s re-opening during Holy Week.

El Oceano Beach Hotel & Spa Cape Reed

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