Creating your own personal resort at home

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An enchanting garden should invite one to linger, lounge and ultimately relax – exactly which was achieved when an ordinary garden in The Lakes, Dubai, was completely transformed into a fabulous, award-winning landscape garden and personal resort.

Upon entering the property, one immediately gets an appealing sense of warmth and tranquility, before finally revealing the spectacular back garden.  A meandering stone pathway, nestled with palm, coconut and banana trees, leads through shrubs and pot plants before revealing a tranquil haven for anyone who wishes to set foot in it.

Most definitely the hand-thatched bars, splendid pool (complete with a cave, waterfall and thatched poolbar), elevated decking with sun loungers and semi-shaded timber pergolas that adorn this property, add an unequivocal grandeur to the overall picture.

There can absolutely be no doubt that this award-winning landscape garden is the ultimate dream garden and personal resort the proud owners have envisaged, planned and dreamt about for years.


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