6 Creative uses for timber laths

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They say that change is as good as a holiday and given the opportunity, many of us would undoubtedly love to spring into action to make changes to our living/working area(s).  Unfortunately, change is (more often than not) a costly exercise that many would love to have, but struggle to afford.

So how do one make changes without breaking the bank?

Along comes the timber lath.

An easy (and often overlooked!) way to bring about change, would be by simply incorporating timber laths into your available space, whether it is outdoors or indoors. Being a natural resource, it is both eco-friendly and sustainable and often less expensive than other decorative items. But what we just absolutely love about these simple pieces of timber, is the many ways in which it can be incorporated.

IMG-20150202-WA00011-rgb Laths-Fencing-jacuzzi
From a decorative point of view, laths can be successfully incorporated into your landscaping design, creating an aesthetically pleasing result.

Client---Pergola-(2) DSC_7361-crop
Create semi-shaded areas for relaxation or shelter by making uses of laths as a simple roof cover

P1000340 IMG-20140723-00854-lath-fence
Effectively fence in your garden, terrace or entire property.

DSC_8023 DSC_7963
A modern, yet effective way to separate open spaces such as open-plan living rooms and offices.

Pergola-&-Gazebo-(1) _SA12493
A decorative and practical way of partially enclosing spaces, be it residential or commercial, without having to erect solid walls.

DSC_4455 timber-walkways-and-fencing-1
Effectively enclose walkways, creating a rustic, safari ambiance/feel.

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